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Headliner: Rion Evans

Rion Evans is a native of Chicago, IL., but his comedic career began on the west coast in the comedy rich Los Angeles circuit.  While for one of California’s top comedy clubs, "The Comedy Union", Rion became a student of comedy long before he actually made his first crowd laugh.  Learning first hand from today’s elite comedians such as Kevin Hart, Leslie Jones, Tony Roberts, and Rodney Perry, Rion’s comedic talents are described as natural and unique.  "I've never ever in my life seen anyone this poised, funny and smooth with no experience!"-Chris Spencer (Creator and writer for Real Husbands Of Hollywood) on Rion's very first comedy performance.   

Feature: Eeland Stribling

Eeland is a wildlife educator and biologist, from Denver Colorado. When he’s not fly-fishing around the world he’s hanging with his dog. Your aunty has a crush on him. Winner of the 2019 clean comedy competition at Comedy Works. He’s performed at festivals across the country and been featured on short films with Coors, Telluride Film Festival, and Huckberry. Between wildlife, road rage and goofiness, you'll love and laugh with him.

With: Salma Zaky

Originally from the Bay Area, Salma Zaky moved to Los Angeles to attend college at UCLA, where she was lucky enough to perform alongside stellar comedians including Maria Bamford, Ali Wong, Nikki Glaser, and Nicole Byer. Salma has been featured in Wisconsin’s Lady Laughs Comedy Festival in 2016, Boston’s Women in Comedy Festival in 2017, SF Sketchfest in 2019, and Floodwater Comedy Festival and Aspen Laugh Festival in 2020. She now resides in Denver, Colorado for a better quality of life and air.

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Ben Palmer brings his online trolling comedy show to The Louisville Underground. He first gained online notoriety by posing as a customer service representative on corporate Facebook pages. His other notable trolls include posing as the City of Atlanta, megachurch pastor Joel Osteen, and suing his friends on court TV multiple times as a witness, plaintiff, and defendant. His live show is the story of his journey to become a professional stand up comedian while pretending to be many other things in the process.


Ben first started writing humor online via a MySpace blog when he was 19. At 21, he performed his first stand-up comedy set at Funny Stop Comedy Club in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. He continued to do stand-up comedy and became a regular at the best comedy clubs and independent shows in Atlanta, Georgia.It was in Atlanta where he fused his two passions of humor writing and stand-up comedy into a live show.

The show features his trolling of hateful trolls on corporate Facebook pages, posing as a city government to air sarcastic gripes about bureaucracy, making up fake cases to get on court TV, and pretending to be a journalist to get reactions from billionaire CEO's and unethical multilevel marketing companies.

It was featured at Comedy Central Stage in Los Angeles and was at San Francisco Sketchfest for three consecutive years.

His work has gone viral countless times and has been picked up by Snopes, USA Today, Buzzfeed, Yahoo, and NPR. His videos collectively have over 100 million views.

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Headliner: David Rodriguez

David (not Dave, please. Unless it just sounds right coming from you. You’ll know if it does. You know, what forget I even mentioned it) Rodriguez is an up-and-coming standup based in Fort Collins, Colorado and opened his own comedy club: The Comedy Fort in early 2020. His jokes have been featured on NPR, at Just For Laughs, and many other festivals and clubs across the country. He is married with two children so when he’s not on stage he is cleaning or sleeping.

Feature: Gabby Gutierrez-Reed

Gabby Gutierrez-Reed is a Denver based stand up comedian. She grew up in San Diego, but crafted her voice in the dive bars of Denver. She creates a unique experience with a range of high-energy jokes and characters. She has been featured in 303 magazine, has been in the 2018 and 2019 Longmont Laughfest, and hosts a comedy open mic every Thursday at The White Whale Room. You can see her performing regularly in venues across Denver, Fort Collins, and Colorado Springs.

With: Korey David

Korey David is a stand up comedian and actor based in Denver, CO. This psychedelic loving ex-Mormon works out his angst on stage from growing up as the black sheep in an ultraconservative household.  He’s appeared on Netflix and Adult Swim.

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Headliner: Janae Burris

Janae Burris is a comedian, actor, event host, and former co-host of the Denver Post’s Cannabist Show in Denver, Colorado. She is a South Los Angeles native and a California Institute of the Arts alumna. She has performed with Local Theater Company, Colorado Shakespeare Fest, and the Denver Center for the Performing Arts. Her years of growing up in one of L.A.’s most notorious neighborhoods, combined with her training in avant-garde theater, make Janae’s standup comedy style something similar to a one-woman show, a perfect fit for Shit Talk Tours, which she hosts regularly at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver.

Janae has opened for nationally touring comics Michael Che, Roy Wood Jr., Beth Stelling, Cameron Esposito, Josh Blue, and Gary Gulman, to name a few. She is a 2019 Just For Laughs New Face; she’s been a featured performer at Portland’s Bridgetown Comedy Festival, Limestone Comedy Festival in Bloomington, High Plains Comedy Festival in Denver, Telluride Blues Fest, headlined at Aspen Laugh Fest, as well as showcased at NACA Central, NACA West and NACA Midwest. She is a Comedy Works “Pro“, the first black woman promoted to the highly respected list, and was crowned Comedy Works New Faces Champ in 2016. In 2019, she was chosen to receive a grant  through Spotify’s Sound Up Podcast Bootcamp and is currently developing her podcast Dead Daddy Issues.

Feature: Sherri Harper

Sherri lives in Longmont, Colorado and has been an XRay and CT technologist for 30 years and has done stand up for 5 years. She enjoys spending time listening to her 2 adult children tell her about all of her parenting mistakes and enjoys the company of her 3 dogs that think she is the greatest human of all time.

With: Elliot Weber

Elliot is a Denver based comic who captures the audience with his genuine manner, vulnerable humor, and timely jokes. He discusses family, college, working service industry, and discovering his unique sexuality. Elliot has been booked to work with Ron Lynch, Costaki Economopoulos, and Bobcat Goldthwait. He performs at festivals across the country including the Big Pine Comedy Festival, Four Corners Comedy festival and the Laughed Out Queer Comedy Festival.

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Headliner: Sam Tallent

Known for whip-quick wit and rollicking improvisations, Sam Tallent is one of the sharpest, most original rising talents in comedy today. For the last 10 years, he has performed at least 45 weekends annually across America, Canada and France. Called "the absurd voice of a surreal generation" by the Denver Post, Sam is beloved by fans of contemporary comedy. He was a New Face at the 2019 Just for Laughs Montreal Comedy Festival, he won his battle on Comedy Central's Roast Battle, hosted the Denver episode of VICELAND's Flophouse and appeared on the Chris Gerhard Show to impress a girl. His critically acclaimed debut novel Running the Light - heralded as the “definitive novel about stand up comedy” (Marc Maron, WTF) - was published by Too Big to Fail Press in 2020 and his short fiction has been published on and in BIRDY magazine. He lives in Colorado with his wife and his dog. 

Feature: Georgia Comstock 

Georgia Comstock is a local Denver comic and a regular at the Denver Comedy Works. She is easily remembered for her major sass and goofy premises. She was the 2018 winner of Denver’s Phone It In Film Festival and performs all over the country. 

With: Nic Dean

Nic Dean is a stand up comedian currently based out of Denver, CO. He is easily remembered by his untamed mustache and explosive humor. Having grown up as an only child and raised by his grandparents, Nic draws a lot of inspiration from his childhood and kooky relatives. Nic was the winner of the 2018 Phone It In Film Festival Denver, and has performed at clubs and festivals all over the country.